When Your Employer Becomes Your Debtor


So, you've always been industrious as an employee, but your employer isn't paying you and now you run the risk of falling behind on your personal bills, what are you to do?

In many cases like this, it is that the employer has run into financial difficulties and has an extremely hard time paying their employees. Sometimes, vendors can take upwards of 120 days to pay your employer, which makes it difficult for your employer to pay you. In other cases, the employer just has a blatant disregard for their employees and/or mismanagement of their funds.

Whatever the situation is, your employer has now become your debtor.


Here are some recommendations:

  1. Keep track of your time and hours spent working. Many employees forget that this is valuable at a Ministry hearing or even in a Small Claims Court hearing.
  2. If you had expenses that you fronted for your employer, keep your receipts! Show the legitimacy of these receipts. Remember questions like, was the expense a necessity for the office, will arise at your hearing.
  3. Remember you have entitlements under the Acts that govern how employers treat their employees. If you are subject to repraisal after raising the issue of not getting paid, or you become unemployed as a result thereof, you need to document everything.
  4. If you become terminated, DO NOT sign that your release paperwork without proper counseling first.

Lastly, if you have fallen victim, our offices are here to assist. Feel free to contact us Toll Free at 888-676-3293 for a consultation.

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