Facebook is an appropriate way for service!

May 24, 2018 - Facebook is an appropriate way for service!

History of the Case:

Plaintiffs suffered damages as a result of the Defendant failing to furnish floral arrangements for their life changing event. Plaintiff claimed liquidated and non-pecuniary damages totaling the maximum allowable amount before the Small Claims Court.

The Defendant evaded service on numerous occasions and instead of asking the court to extend time for service, Michael E. Solomon drafted materials to motion the court for substituted service by way of Facebook. Michael read an article relating to a successful motion granting substituted service by way of Instagram and believed it was worth a try.

The Order:

The order read that trying to locate Defendants in today's times can be expensive and costly to Plaintiffs. Given the advancements in technology and the case law that supported the service by way of Instagram, the Plaintiffs shall be granted leave to serve the Defendants by way of Facebook from the Paralegal's Facebook Account. Service shall be effective the same as regular mail, within five days of sending the order. The Plaintiff and their Paralegal have not asked for costs, and therefore none are granted.

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