Creditors’ Rights

Creditors' Rights


What is Creditors' Rights?

Creditors' Rights is a procedural provision that assists in the protection of Creditors to collect money that is owed to them. When all other forms of collection have failed, our firm assist the creditor is the recovery of the debt.

Standing Out Above the Crowd

Our Owner started his career in the Finance Industry as a Mortgage Broker and understands the how-to's of recovering debt.

We use state of the art technology to locate those who owe you money, places of employment, location of assets, telephone numbers, banking records, and so much more. Additionally, our case management system allows us to streamline cases through all courthouses in Ontario and Alberta.

Creditors should also know we don't just analyze our client portfolio, but we analyze the Debtor before commencing proceedings against them to ensure our client's ability to recover their money is protected. The preservation of client capital is our top priority.


Next Steps...

Are you a Creditor looking for assistance, give us a call today to discuss your options.