October 22, 2019 - Toronto Canada

Please be advised that our office has received several complaints with respect to Litigation Notices that were sent in the mail to people across Canada.

The letter states that our firm works on behalf of a collection company. Our firm has never been retained by that company to act on behalf of any debt.

When composing letters, our firm uses firm letterhead and has the signature of the representative in black or blue wet ink. These letters do not have a signature in wet ink. Furthermore, you may wish to observe that at the bottom of the letter it contains a notice that states "NOTICE: The information transmitted in this email..." This is an indication that a signature from an email has been inserted onto the letter. Please also note that the phone numbers used in the letters are not firm phone numbers and that your call is redirected to another office which is not the firm. DO NOT under any circumstances reveal or divulge any personal information to someone who is not firm staff.

If you have received a copy of this letter please email a copy of the letter to and then destroy the letter.

We apologize for any inconvenience that this may have caused you. Be rest assured that our firm is utilizing all of its tools to ensure that these letters cease communications across Canada. However, this may take time.

Yours truly,